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Together members have a voice on mandatory vaccines

Members will determine the union's policy in your agency.

Public sector agencies are considering whether to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations as part of the workplace health and safety response to COVID-19. There must be meaningful consultation with union members as part of any decision to introduce vaccine mandates. 

Together is a democratic union which means that union members in your agency make decisions about the things that matter including mandatory vaccination.

COVID-19 vaccinations can’t be the only response your agency makes to keep you and your colleagues safe at work. Union members will be working together in the new year to ensure that you and your colleagues in your agency have a strong voice to build safer workplaces. 

Make your voice heard - vote in the ballot today

We're safer together. 

Together delegates and members are concerned about the lack of communication about the steps being considered by agencies and are seeking meaningful and genuine consultation with public service agencies. Together is campaigning for a roadmap that sets out a clear and well thought out plan for the next 12 months as the public service response to the COVID-19 surge we're expecting in 2022. 

Find out more about the Safer Together campaign